This past weekend was the annual Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. Years ago, we had friends who nearly every year came in town and stayed with us for the weekend, and we’d all spend the day there (because all us kids were free!). I have such fun memories of those visits, and was always impressed with their knowledge of all the variety of plants on display! (I could identify a flower from a leaf. Woohoo!)

So after probably a ten-year hiatus, I returned to the flower and garden show! Somehow the garden displays weren’t quite as massive and impressive as I remembered, but I suppose that’s the difference of having a child’s perspective.

But even though I’m “grown up” now, I didn’t miss the opportunity of viewing everything through the eyes of a child. A friend of mine from Petit Jean was manning the AR Woman Bloggers booth and had her two boys with her, and as it was now in the middle of the afternoon, I figured they might be restless and in need of letting out some energy. So I asked if there possibly was anyone who knew the best displays to be sure and see. The boys jumped up and took me first to all the interactive displays, the ones you can walk through. The first one was like stepping out on someone’s back deck. There was a table and chandelier, a fountain, and even music playing! (The younger one determinedly found the plant under which the speaker was hidden!)

They were also sure to show this music teacher the piano fountain:

I thought this was pretty creative, even if it did mean ruining a beautiful piano! Oh, and there were hidden speakers here as well under those, hey what d’ya know, real flowers! (Uh, did we forget we’re at a flower and garden show, fellas? =) )

One of the next stops was a trailer set up like a designer home for outdoor living spaces. But that wasn’t what attracted the boys. It was the popcorn inside. (I’m pretty sure I found the right tour guides.) And then we walked through “the Secret Garden”, inspired from the book, and we just had to meet the Herb Lady from Mountain View, “because she’s such an exciting person”. (They were right!)

Of course, what’s a tour from two, young country boys without checking out the tractors and four-wheelers and giveaway cars? The older one was pretty sure he would win the car if he entered. (I forget his age, but he can’t be more than ten or eleven.) I asked him what he would do with it if he won it, and without any hesitation he said, “drive it!”

So it proved to be a fun afternoon, just like those good times from years past. But oh, I’ve forgotten the best part! Of all the beautiful flower arrangements, garden displays, and even free food samples, you know what the favorite thing was for the little guy? The escalator! Of course! (Something tells me these boys don’t come down the mountain much.)

Good times, indeed.

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