Since this is a very busy season for all, I’m cheating. The next few days I will feature slightly edited posts of Christmas favorites from last December. Be sure and join in the conversation!
Merry Christmas!

~ ~ ~

It’s [less than] one week till Christmas, ya’ll! One week! (Still trying to bang that concept into my head.)

Because I’ve enjoyed some recent Christmas posts from other bloggers, I decided to get a little festive around here myself. I’m sure the snow fall on the blog contributes to the effect, but I don’t even remember how to control that, so to me that really doesn’t count.

I’m in a “favorite things” mood, so this week you’ll get to hear more than you want about my favorite Christmas activities, traditions, songs, movies, books…you get the idea.

Tonight is my favorite Christmas songs.

There are so many good ones out there that it’s next to impossible to choose just one, so I’m not even going to try. Instead, I’ll categorize them (and I’m sure I could come up with more!):

  • Favorite hymn: Silent Night
  • Favorite melody: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  • Favorite chord progression in a melody: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Favorite artist: Josh Groban (“Noel” Album)
  • Favorite classic: the Nutcracker Suite
  • Favorite album: Merry Christmas from the Beach Boys
  • Favorite secular song: Santa’s Beard
  • Favorite celtic Christmas: Celtic Woman (ok, that was a no brainer)
  • Favorite carol: any English carol
  • Favorite instrumental: Sleigh Ride
  • Favorite choral: Handel’s “Messiah”
  • Favorite piano solo: “Deck the Halls” by David Huntsinger
  • Favorite music memory: “There Is No Christmas Like a Home Christmas” played by Grammy and sung by the Fell family females
  • Funniest favorite music memory: Practicing singing “Carols Sing” with my mom & sisters all day every day one year, and annoying my brothers excessively in the process

What are a few of your favorite Christmas songs?

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