It’s been two years.

On 11/11/11 my “fellow sister” Susanna and I (with the rebellious Fraulein Maria) celebrated our singleness by taking our “vows” as Baptist Nuns.

Oh my, yes.

You can go back and read about our little “Eleventh Day” adventure:

“Some of you may know that my childhood plan was to get married on 11-11-11. I would be 21, it was a Friday, and my favorite number is 11, so in my 11-year-old opinion, it was the perfect date for a wedding.

Obviously I did not get married on 11-11-11. =) And thankfully, I didn’t even want to. I gave up that particular date long ago because I decided I don’t want a birthday and anniversary in the same month (kinda selfish, I know). But for years it was the family joke. On my 21st birthday my brothers gave me the 12 month count-down, with several reminders throughout the year that it was my “last chance!”

So I decided to make something of it. Coupled with Susanna’s idea to forget marriage altogether, I planned on making 11-11-11 my own reception of sorts–the day we’d become Baptist Nuns. And we did!”

Although it’s been two years, and technically I suppose we are still Baptist Nuns (minus Maria!), I assure you that we aren’t any more serious about rejecting marriage now than we were then!

So happy second anniversary to Susanna and me!


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