My pastor made an excellent illustration out of Saturday night’s “obstruction call” from Game 3 of the World Series. That play at the plate was gospel!

I knew there was a good reason I liked baseball.

And my pastor, too, for that matter.

Base runner Allen Craig was on third with a good chance to score, thanks to a wild throw that sailed past third by catcher Saltalamacchia (spell-check doesn’t like his name).

But Craig trips over the third baseman, who is still flat on the ground from his attempt to catch the ball, and stumbles his way down the base line, only to be caught at home like a sitting duck.

Clearly he was out.

Or was he?

No, he wasn’t! Because of a call that was made before he even reached home plate, an “obstruction call”, he was declared safe.

And we won the game.

That’s gospel!

There is no reason we should have eternal life, or the righteousness of God, or a safe haven in Christ. But we do. Because of a call that was already made on our behalf by the One who created the rules.

Some would say that’s not fair. But to that I say, who are you to question the rule-maker?

Another thought is that the “obstruction call” is not a big deal. If the fielder had not been in the pathway, the runner would’ve easily scored on his own, without help from an established rule. But the fact is, he was tripped. And we, too, are “tripped up” by sin. And that’s why our Mediator made a way for us to reach home.

Which leads me to one last thought: baseball has to be in heaven.

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