Acts 3 begins with the story of a lame man sitting by the temple begging. The apostles Peter and John walk by, but don’t have money to give him, but what they do have they gladly give away: JESUS.

They knew what this man most needed. It wasn’t money, it wasn’t even physical healing. Because of the power of Christ displayed through the apostles, this man was “made strong”, and he used his new-found strength to go “walking and leaping and praising God”. He caught the joy, because he was given Jesus.

And because this man chose to give glory for his being healed, all those around him “were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened.” (Acts 3:10b)

This event gave Peter the opportunity to share the gospel before a crowd, which led to many who heard to believe–possibly thousands (Acts 2:41; 4:4).

It was the gift that kept giving.

Peter and John were not focused on material riches. And if you didn’t notice, the beggar wasn’t disappointed he didn’t receive any silver or gold from them.

In this season of inviting believers to partner with me with Revive Our Hearts, I want to keep in the forefront the idea that, while material gifts can be a blessing and even a necessity, the prayers and spiritual support are needed most. By them I will be strengthened and able to spiritually walk and leap and praise God.

And it is humbling that, by sharing this same gift with others, I can be an instrument of God to show others the “wonder and amazement” of the goodness of God.

If you are a child of God, you, too, have been given this gift. Whom will you share it with?

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