I kept four kids over the weekend. They are so cute. You should hear the little boy sing Taylor Swift. Pretty funny.

I learned a few things that weekend, and it wasn’t all what you might expect.

When taking a trip to the new children’s library, I discovered:

–I love kids that would rather go to the library than stay home and watch a movie. (And yes, that was the two options.)
–You don’t have to write well to be a children’s author. (I think I’ve found my life calling.)
–I knew the saggy pants look was popular among certain ethnic circles, but I didn’t know they started the look at age two or three!

Two and a half days of full-time “mommy” of four is both exciting and exhausting. I made a scavenger hunt for them and it was a big hit, even for the older girls! They had so much fun, they wanted a scavenger hunt for everything and were even creating their own! That’s one way to keep ’em busy. =)

I will end this little post with a child’s perspective of “big church”. I took them to their church, so they wanted to be sure and prepare me for every big church experience. (And I really do mean big church. I’ve never been to a church that needed police to direct traffic.)

Ok, so first you sing and sing. Then you pass the thing for donations. Then the pastor talks a while, and you have a sheet of paper to fill in the correct answers. But don’t worry, the preacher will tell you the right answers.

I’d never thought what passing an offering plate looks like to a kid. =)

2 thoughts on “The Last Few Weeks

  1. Haha! Aren’t children fun! And yes, you should write a children’s book. MeKency can illustrate it for you. :) Oh yes, the pants thing starts very young!

  2. Kids do have a totally different perspective on things. I once had a kid argue with me over what chocolate was made of: I said beans, and she said ticks. :D Looks like you’ve had a nice couple of weeks.

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