Here’s another funny story from the past. I miss having little kids and their young perspectives around the house. Meleah and MeKency were 8 and 10 in this story.


Dancing For the King

The Story of Esther…

…as told by Meleah and MeKency with their felt dolls. [Paraphrased by me, trying to remember everything as they said–and the way they said it. They didn’t know I was within hearing range. ;) ]

  The King was having a feast and decided to surprise his guests. ‘Bring in the Queen and have her dance for me and show off her beautiful self.’ So the servant went to the ladies’ banquet where the Queen had all of her friends over. They were eating and chatting and having a good time. The servant came in and told the Queen to go to the King. ‘Just a minute, ladies. The King needs me. I’ll be right back.’ So she goes before the King and all his guests. The King says, ‘Dance for me and show off your beautiful self.’  ‘I will not!’ the Queen answered indignantly. The King became furious and yelled at her to leave and never come back! And so she was gone. After a quick change of scenes, a servant brings Esther before the King, and the King tries it on her. ‘Dance for me and show off your beautiful self.’ And so Esther danced for the king! And she danced and danced. The King liked her dance, so he said she could stay. And it’s a good thing, cause she knew a man named Mordacai who saved the King from being murdered by some bad men.


Uh oh, then they were told to put the toys away. It was time for bed. Guess they’ll have to finish the story another night.

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