I was searching for an old post, and found myself scanning the archives of the last five 
years I've been blogging. I'm thinking of resurfacing a few posts this week, partly 
because it's easier than writing a new post (is that lazy or what?), partly because they 
were too good not re-share! 
This one was dated April 2009. Enjoy.

A Lesson In What’s What

Apparently we haven’t studied up on different types of foods, or when to eat them. We just eat them and are happy. ;) Here a few examples of just that:

Linda Beth brings in a plate of hard boiled eggs to go with supper. Jared asks, “Are those doubled eggs or single?”

(Answer: Neither. They’re angelic eggs. ;))

Sunday morning I came into the kitchen only to find Kency about to dive head first into a cupcake!!  I quickly stopped her (actually, I think just my presence stopped her ;) ) and asked her what she was doing eating a cupcake for breakfast. She said that Micah said she could–oh, and he ate TWO you know.

So I found Micah and asked him why he was eating two cupcakes for breakfast. “Cause MeKency said ya’ll made them for us.” (I detect circular reasoning here…)

“Well, uh, that was last night, and not for breakfast you know.”

“Yeah, but I thought they were just muffins.”

“Um, Micah, do they look like muffins?!”

“Well I couldn’t tell because of all the icing!”

Uh huh. Is that like not seeing the forest because of all the trees?

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