Tonight I’m experiencing a new phenomenon: long-distance communication with my family (primarily my sisters) while watching a Cardinals game. Granted, the so-called “long distance” is only 10 miles away, but it might as well be 110 when you’re limited to texting conversations.

Being the huge Cards fans that we are (yes, even the girls), we’re very passionate about our players and our games. And being the dramatic fans that we are (yes, we are girls), we have to make sure the other knows when we think the announcers are doing great, and when they’re plain crazy. (Tonight, they’re on the verge of crazy. The Cardinals to possibly trade Freese? C’mon, you can come up with a better joke than that!)

Just 216px-St._Louis_Cardinals_Logo.svgto clarify, this is NOT the same as yelling at a ref during a football game. That is a guy thing. We’re simply discussing what’s happening on the screen. Girls talk. Guys yell. All clear? Good, we can move on now.

The majority of our texts are filled with messages like, “Whoohoo!”, “Yay!”, “What??”, “BOOOO!”, or “He really buttered it this time!”

Sometimes we have serious disucssions about things like whether the ball hit Freese’s hand or his shin (it was his hand, Meleah); why the pitcher needs to step down and surrender now (sorry, Lynn); why Cruz is a terrible back up catcher (Yadi! Yadi! Yadi!); and whether or not Joe Buck has a beard. (He does. That is, he did. But he doesn’t now. But he did!)

We cheer when we do well. We jump up and down and scream when we do very well. We cry when our opponents fill the bases. And we’re on the brink of suicide when they cross homeplate more than we do.

Did I mention we’re dramatic fans?

We’re also very loyal fans. We don’t ditch our team if they have a losing streak (losing streak? what’s that?), and we don’t boo at former players who desert us (after all, you can’t argue with an Angel).

We’re just a family of loyal, crazy fans. Our dream vacation would be to follow the Cardinals around all season. Or go to the World Series. Or both. Our plan is for one of the boys to get rich so he can get tickets for all of us. Or better yet, become a Cardinal! Yeah…

I think I’m possibly rambling too much now. (Possibly?) I think I’ll return my full attention to the game that’s on instead of writing about watching it. It just seemed the best thing to do, considering we’re behind 1-6. To the CUBS! 


If this game doesn’t end well, somebody should check on me in the morning to ensure I’m still alive.

DISCLAIMER: Suicide is against the law in these parts, and you know I’d never break the law! Just thought I should clarify. All clear? Good, now we can move on.

9 thoughts on “Cardinals Commentary

  1. #1 It was his shin!
    #2 girls scream
    #3 Freese being traded is not a joke, but fact!
    Btw, I’ve already called the cops cuz this one ain’t lookin good.

  2. I was told by 5 people to say that it hit his shin..
    I didn’t see the play but anyway..

    And guys don’t yell just to yell.. The girls in this house yell more than the guys, even more so in a baseball game.

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