You’ve heard of the calm before the storm. What about the glory after the gloom?

Sunday I was absolutely blown away by the amazingly crystal clear, bright blue sky, and fluffy white clouds! It was probably the closest I’ve come to feeling like Anne Shirley: “Drink it in, Marilla!” It was so distracting to be driving and trying to peer out the window at the same time!

What I couldn’t decide on, though, was whether it was an unusually gorgeous day, or if it just seemed so in contrast to the previous dreary days of dark clouds, dark skies, and storms.

It made me think how our life can look like that. Dark, gloomy, stormy seasons where nothing looks bright. It’s easy to get down, feel sorry for yourself, or just plain put-out with it all.

But when the storm passes, the sun feels warmer than before. The beauty is brighter and more glorious than we remembered.

So yes, I love clear skies, but I’m also thankful for the cloudy days, because God creates both for a reason.

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