A few Sunday nights ago, the girls and I went to the river after church to walk the pedestrian bridge at the Lock & Dam. (I do not like its official name thankyouverymuch.) It was right at dusk, making for a beautiful walk.

But before we crossed the river, we discovered Pfeifer Loop (which sparked a long conversation about how to pronounce clustered consonants), and so took a little excursion through the woods, all the while wondering if we would get eaten up by chiggers. (For you yankees reading this, that does not mean we were worried about monsters attacking us.)

Eventually the wooded path (which was rather exciting, I’d have to say; something much like out of a book) circled back around to the river, which makes complete sense, being called a Loop, after all.

Yay! We made it out of the woods alive and with some daylight left!

The two amigos. They insisted on walking like this for a fourth of our journey regardless of who was watching us. I’m sure the chiggers weren’t deterred.

I love me some silhouetted trees.

Now on to the bridge.

Meleah, mesmerized by…probably nothing.

I just love those bluffs! Wish we’d of had time to walk down there.

At the end of the day…

(I bet we’re both singing that song now. Do you hear the people sing?…)

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