I have always enjoyed reading missionary biographies, hearing their testimonies in person, and keeping up with their journey through newsletter and email updates.

I find it exciting the stories they can share of God working in their lives, of miracles they’ve witnessed, of lives being saved. I find it inspiring to know there are people who are willing to forsake all to follow Christ. But I also find it humbling to see how humble these people are.

They know that going overseas to share the gospel isn’t any more glamorous than going across your street.

It’s easy to think of missionaries as more self-sacrificing than the rest of us. More godly. More honored. More pleasing to God.

In some ways, yes, it’s true that they’ve probably sacrificed more by living in a third world country than those in a comfortable, two-story home in Land-of-Ease, America. But the reality is that they’re just like the rest of us: Saved sinners working a job such as a pilot, doctor, or teacher, and using it as a means of preaching the gospel to someone who doesn’t know about Jesus. The only difference is that they’re on the other side of the globe.

I was reminded of this when I went to hear a missionary speak recently, expecting to hear all these exciting tales of danger and glory! But what I heard was a man who was passionate about the gospel, not about his life stories. He could have painted an exciting picture of himself and his work, but instead he painted a beautiful picture of the gospel, expounding on Scripture before briefly sharing about his ministry.

He knew that this story is the only one worth telling over and over. A holy God sent His perfect, only Son to die for His enemies, so that they might live forever as redeemed children of God.

You can’t get any more exciting than that!

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