Monday Morning Melody

Today I have a little trivia about “Alice in Wonderland”. (It’s related to this post, I promise.)

If you recall in the closing scene of the Disney adaptation, Alice quotes to her sister a poem that the caterpillar taught her that begins with, “how doth the little crocodile”. This was author Lewis Carroll’s parody of “How Doth the Little Busy Bee”, a poem against idleness and mischief, written by none other than preacher and hymn-writer Isaac Watts! What a funny sense of humor Carroll had; but of course we already knew that! You can read and compare the full versions of both poems here.

Alright, on to Isaac Watts!

Yesterday I discovered another one of his hymns in the ’75 Baptist hymnal, a page across from the hymn we were singing in church. As I read the words, I realized they were based on the book of Hebrews, which, since I’ve been in a Bible study in that book since last fall, quickly sparked my interest. So here are the words to spark yours!

Give me the wings of faith to rise
Within the veil and see
The saints above, how great their joys,
How bright their glories be.

I asked them whence their vict’ry came;
They, with united breath,
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb;
Their triumph to his death.

They marked the footsteps that he trod,
His zeal inspired their breast;
And following their incarnate God,
They gained the promised rest.

Our glorious leader claims our praise,
For his own pattern giv’n,
While the long cloud of witnesses
Show the same path to heav’n.

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