It’s been a while since I’ve had a real Spring break. But since my friend Susanna is a preschool teacher, that’s a great time to schedule a visit with her. In this case, we took our first road trip together! Linda Beth was also able to come, so the three of us made the drive to Dallas for the Revive Tour that was kicking off there.

We were given the opportunity to meet staff from Revive Our Hearts, and also meet up with some friends from home! Susanna enjoyed being a “VIP” and personally meeting Bob Lepine (co-host of Family Life Today).

We also met Nancy Leigh DeMoss, who gave the message that night. We were able to be in the audience the next morning while she recorded four up-coming radio sessions. It was fascinating seeing the “behind the scenes” of radio.

Linda Beth was excited to meet Jennifer Smith, as she had just finished listening to the series featuring this woman’s testimony as a former inmate and of her involvement with Prison to Purpose.

This is the pool in our fine hotel that we enjoyed, only the heater wasn’t working, so we stuck with the hot tub!

And what’s a trip without a little ice cream?? (Or in this case, fro yo!)

This detour gave us the opportunity to actually see a little bit of downtown Dallas, not just the nearby suburb where we stayed.

This was a HUGE, beautiful building that was worthy to be photographed. I’m not sure if it was a hotel or not, but it was pretty fancy!

Oh, and I can’t forget our little stop to the Dillard’s Outlet. Aren’t hats such fun?

Just for the record, Susanna did not get these shoes! She could hardly walk in them! Ok, so mostly that was because they were tied together…

So, we had a lovely, lovely trip with great fellowship, great teaching, and lots of laughter! I want to plan another trip!

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