Thankful — I just realized today that the Carnival Triumph was the very same cruise ship Linda Beth and I were on for a Bible Study Cruise! So thankful that it was in February of 2010 and not 2013! (Click here if you want to see pictures from my trip of the inside.)


{As a slight digression, I can’t believe the outrage of said cruise passengers and threats of suing, as if Carnival lured them onto their magnificent ship with the sole purpose of cutting off electricity and leaving them stranded for days in the Gulf! I realize it was a horrible situation, and it’s possible Carnival could’ve handled things better (I really don’t know the details), but c’mon, they’re giving you a full refund plus some! They really couldn’t help it any more than you could. Ok, I’m getting off my soap box now.}


Grateful — Listen up folks: today I heard the President say something that I agree with! Mark that down in the record books! As Catherine Bingley would say, “I’m all astonishment!”

In reference to the Sandy Hook shooting, he said (and this is based on my memory and scribblings in front of the TV), “when a child shoots another child, there’s a hole in that child that the government can’t fill.” Now, assuming “the hole” he’s referring to is the emptiness in the shooter’s soul and not the bullet hole in the child (who wrote his speech?), I give a hardy “amen”! The problem is, that’s where any mutual agreement between me and the President ends.  He just admitted that gun control laws or education boosts or anything government related and controlled is not the solution, yet that continues to be his answer. Sorry, Mr. President, but only Christ can fill that hole, and I’m so grateful He filled mine!

Impressed — I did pretty good this Valentine’s day. I got three cards, a box of Ghiradelli chocolates, a Lindt dark chocolate bar, and a red rose—-all without a guy! When/if one finally comes around, I’m either going to be blown away or utterly disappointed. Not sure which. =)

Blessed — God just continues to be faithful and good, and I’m continuing to learn to trust Him instead of doubting! He is hearing my prayers for direction, and even better–or I should say more surprisingly–I’m listening to His answers and learning to obey! Big steps forward don’t have to be hard when they’re God-ordained. Remind me of that when I encounter the next bend in the road!

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