Being a Razorback fan. Nothing like beating the #2 team in the nation Tuesday night! Jared and dad were at the game (J’s bday present) and he was super excited and still pumped even after their 3-hour drive home! Then of course that was followed by signing day, where we officially got Alex Collins, which was cause for more excitement in this house. Perhaps all that was what spurred on the #FollowHogs epidemic on Twitter yesterday. Great week for Hogs Nation.

Being a music teacher. I’m enjoying more and more teaching piano and violin, and I’d have to say my students are enjoying learning, since they all seem to continually improve each week. It’s very encouraging as a teacher to see progress and enthusiasm. Now I know what my teachers experienced all those years when I was the student.

Being a big sister. I was able to attend two basketball games this week, the first in many weeks! Micah’s team killed their opponent, and Linda Beth & I captured it all on video–with quite a bit of comical commentary to go with it. Meleah & MeKency’s game didn’t have the same end result, but they both got to play, and it ended up being a good game, once we got past that first quarter of no one looking like they’ve ever touched a ball before. I would like to clarify that M & M did not play in that quarter. =)

Being an Etsy shop owner. So I guess saying it like that–a shop owner–sounds much more sophisticated than it really is. But I love having an outlet for my crafty ideas. I’ve always enjoyed making things, but I never would if it wasn’t for a purpose or for a gift. So now I can try new things and see if anyone will buy it! My newest item is an infant car seat canopy/tent cover. I don’t have it listed yet, so pictures to come later. Maybe suggestions on a proper name for it would be good. =)

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