It’s high time I document the record-breaking snowfall we had on Christmas that just about ruined my day.

The snow itself was beautiful. Breathtakingly white, actually. But it came at the most rottenest of rotten times!

This was a once-in-an-Arkansas-lifetime snow, so I should’ve been thrilled! Instead, I was distraught.

(Doesn’t that blue sky amaze you?!)

Mama and I were scheduled to fly out to PA at 8 am, but instead we were stuck at home because of 8+ inches of snow.

So instead of welcoming a winter wonderland, it felt like being under the spell of the White Witch in Narnia.

With no Christmas.

I managed to get over my initial disappointment, and Jayden was obliging and didn’t come on time anyway, so I didn’t miss his birth. But of course I didn’t know that at the time!

So, all’s well that ends well? Maybe. All’s well that God orchestrates, that’s for sure!

I didn’t mention that we lost power during this time. And we didn’t regain it til 6 days later, but thankfully we didn’t know that at the time, either!

For whatever reason we never made a giant snowman or igloo, but we did go on several hikes. I want to use the word safari, but that doesn’t quite create the right picture, even though we were often avoiding fallen trees or branches!

No chance of losing her in the woods!

Just so you know, this tree didn’t use to lean like this!

Our lovely lane. I guess technically it isn’t ours, but it kinda feels like it.

But “this is mine!”

Fashionable boots are imperative, even “six inches deep in mud”!

This is what you call a pinesicle.

Looking out over our snow-covered town.

On one of our expeditions.

Do you see that? No, not the crooked tree.

That! Is it  storm trooper??

Or something eerily close to a KKK member? I’m pretty sure it’s just an air soft enthusiasts preparing for battle.

There’s the rest of them at war.

This is the peaceful side.

It’s not frozen but it’s purty.

Here’s a perfect example of the sad state this snow left the trees in all over town.

Probably the best part to any snow day.

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