Once upon a time, three girls became aunts to one little baby boy. To properly welcome home their adorable nephew, the three adoring aunts put their heads together and created a baby wreath for his front door.

And the perfect time to start was at 10 o’clock at night. Of course!

After a trip to the local (or in this case not-so-local) Wal-mart for supplies, the evening began (though for most it ended). A good cup of hot chocolate was in order, which included a midnight dash to the barn for fresh milk, and a few sugary concoctions, for that is what they were, to keep the creative juices flowing far into the night. And donning the proper attire for such a project (i.e. pajama pants) officially got the party underway.

The first step was for the three aunts to come up with a design. Naturally it began with newspaper wrapped around a styrofoam wreath (don’t they all?), followed by attaching spanish moss with a glob of blue. Ahem, make that a blob of glue.

One particular aunt found it tricky to apply the moss without burning her fingers. The solution was the lid from a Pirouette wafer tin which had a paint brush stuck to it from mod podge. It was the perfect paddle!

Then, Aunt Megan got spanish-moss-sweep-up duty. Such a duty does exist, and she performed it exquisitely.

Aunt Gemma had hold-the-wreath-up-for-a-photo-while-not-looking-stupid duty. She did a superlative job!

It was only fitting for Aunt Leanna to take on the task of wrapping netting around the wreath, because she was wearing horizontal stripes with vertical stripes. The reason for this highly unusual connection is not quite certain.

And it wouldn’t appear by this picture that Aunt Gemma was completely convinced.


(It should be noted here that this time Aunt Megan had the honors of accomplishing hold-the-wreath-up-for-a-photo-while-not-looking-stupid duty. Alright, it was noted.)

At this point in the evening (or should we say morning), it was time for the hot glue gun to re-emerge and continue accomplishing much while burning fingers.

No animals were injured in the making of this wreath.

Aunt Megan worked on the finishing touches by creating an “It’s a BOY” banner for the little monkey to wave. Nothing short of perfection would do, and so nothing short of perfection was achieved.

Our story now draws to an end. A wooden letter “J” was painted a bright yellow and hung from the center by a clever design of Aunt Gemma’s involving paper clips and more hot glue. It is positively amazing that anything ingenious still procured from these frazzled brains of theirs. That was meant as a compliment, of course.

And the three excited aunts lived happily ever after with the giraffe, puppy, turtle, froggie, and monkey.

The End.

Special thanks to:

Aunt Emily–for the use of your bed and door. Without your assistance, unaware of it though as you were, Aunt Leanna might have gone completely mad from sleep deprivation and the lack of a proper photo prop, both of which were essential to assuring the happiness of all parties involved. 

2 thoughts on “Midnight Madness

  1. Ah… such funny memories =D Thanks for being adventurous with us! And by the way, we are already missing you… and i will take over your aunt duties while you are gone!

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