This darling little boy has completely filled my time and stolen my heart! It will be so sad to leave him, so I won’t think about that now. I’ll think about it tomorrow. (Anyone catch that quote??)

I’ll try not to overwhelm you with pictures, but I don’t think that’s possible—-not possible to keep from doing it, and not possible for anyone to actually be overwhelmed with pictures of the little doll. So I guess I’m safe after all.

Such a big boy!

And he has big, beautiful eyes! And when he’s awake, he’s WIDE awake!

How could anyone not love and kiss and dote on this little loveable, kissable, dotable angel?!

Both paternal and maternal grandmothers.

That’s four generations right there. (Zach’s mom, grandma and youngest sister.)

Zach’s dad.

Gettin’ a lil love from his aunts, uncle and dad.

This by no means exhausts my collection of photographs. There will be more to come!

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