These are thoughts that have been running through my head; perhaps a bit discombobulated, but I’m going ahead and sharing them. Like probably every other American, I’ve been thinking about the tragic shooting in CT yesterday morning. It’s shocking, and I know the families of all those little children are devastated. I can’t even begin to imagine.

But unlike the secular world, children of God have no need to fear, or become angry, or doubtful of God’s goodness. We know that He has ordained good out of this tragedy. Though to our standards those young lives were cut short, in reality God had already written down all their days and was not caught by surprise.

God is not heartless or uncaring because 26 people died yesterday. He is loving and merciful because over 7 billion people are still living and breathing today. There are consequences to sin, and as sinners in a dark world, we see those consequences every day. Whether that gunman was insane or not I don’t know, but he was a sinner living in darkness, and that’s why he pulled the trigger.

But we can give thanks to God that we have been lifted out of that same darkness and, by the grace of God do not continue to follow that same path.

We should mourn with those who mourn, and pray for those who thought they had lived their last day, that their eyes might be opened to the truth about their eternal future.

Keep me always in the understanding
that saints mourn more for sin than other men,
for when they see how great is thy wrath against sin,
and how Christ’s death alone pacifies that wrath,
that makes them mourn the more.
Help me to see that although I am in the wilderness it is not all briars and barrenness.
I have bread from heaven, streams from the rock,
light by day, fire by night,
thy dwelling place and thy mercy seat.
I am sometimes discouraged by the way,
but though winding and trying it is safe and short;
Death dismays me, but my great high priest stands in its waters,
and will open me a passage,
and beyond is a better country.
While I live let my life be exemplary,
When I die may my end be peace.

Shortcomings, a prayer from The Valley of Vision

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