This morning as I hit my alarm on my phone, I saw a text message awaiting me which told some exciting news: there was (another!) change of plans for Lisa & Zach and they were actually going to come early–arriving tomorrow!!

That woke me up fast! I popped out of bed and in my excitement turned my morning stretch into a dance of sorts. If only I had news like this every morning to get me going, I thought.

And then I thought again.

I do.

I have a joy that not everyone has and that no one can take from me.

That joy is eternal, not superficial, because it is in an eternal Lord. It is eternal because I have a risen Savior who has declared me clean before the Father because the Father chose me to be His child. It is eternal because my home is in heaven where I’ll forever worship God.

If that doesn’t wake you up and send you into a happy dance, nothing will!

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