The following has nothing to do with the fact that today is a presidential election day. I did my civic duty and exercised my right to vote, and now I’m moving on, not worrying about the night’s outcome. (I think.)

Today when I was at work, I had the privilege of listening in on a conversation between two, sweet old ladies. I don’t know what it was like to live in the 50s, or what typical household manners were, but I’m sure I just got taste of it.

Even though they’re neighbors and friends, they both practiced perfect etiquette–one being a gracious host, and the other the ideal guest. Conversation was varied, tasteful, and not too long.

And quite different from a conversation between two young women.

I suppose it’s hard for folks to get old and for their bodies to slow down, especially when as a young person you simply can’t fathom it or refuse to think about it. But apparently that denial doesn’t go away, even when you hit your mid-90s:

“I just can’t do what I used to be able to do!”

“That’s what you call old age.”

“Well, I wasn’t gunna say it!”

I just had to laugh…while I can.

It’s funny how a senior adult struggling with dementia can remember proper decorum, but not where her dessert is. After her guest left, she asked me whether or not she had finished her ice cream before her friend stopped by. I answered yes, and her response was, “Oh shoot!”

Not to worry! A short-term memory won’t stop dessert. One day she ordered a sandwich from Jason’s Deli but ate the free ice cream first. While driving away in the car she says, “Well, let’s follow up with a little ice cream!”

I think I’m looking forward to growing old.

One thought on “Pure Bliss

  1. And I think I’ll enjoy it much better if a certain somebody isn’t re-elected. Hmm, maybe the older folks *do* have the advantage–they don’t remember who’s president!

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