Why is it that a homebody like me also has a love for traveling?

This past weekend I strategically planned a road trip with 3 stops along the same interstate. I remembered to bring my camera but never managed to remember to take a picture until after all the action was over. Some blogger I turned out to be!

First stop was in Benton to see my friend from church whom I had lunch with, and then she cut and styled my hair in her salon. There is never lacking any smiles or laughter with Erin around!

Next was my first visit to OBU to see two sisters and life-long friends, Lacey & Lauren. I got a full tour of the campus as well as a full dose of fun. I love visualizing where people live and spend their time, even down to the practice rooms in the music building! (And for the music major, that really is where she spends all her time!) It was perfect weather to spend outside, and I don’t think I could think of two better tour guides. Will have to visit again!

My final stop (well, until I returned home!) was in Hope. Here I spent the night and had a longer visiting time with Susanna. Other than checking out her mom’s garden, we spent our time indoors, talking or playing the piano and/or auto harp (very interesting instrument!). Susanna always has such an entertaining way of telling stories, and I enjoyed hearing her adventures of teaching preschool. But a lot of times our own visits turn into adventures themselves, and nobody can retell them better than she can!

So actually there was one other time we ventured out into the cold for a little excitement. But as I’ve already said, Susanna is better at doing the talking, so check out her blog post here. But I’ll post a picture to whet your appetite.

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