Hmm, how does that sound to you? One opinion I’ve heard is, “I’d rather vote for a Mormon than a moron.”

Joking or not, it is important to consider the worldviews and belief systems that are influencing our country, our leaders, and our everyday lives.

I did not originate the term “the Mormonizing of America”, but got it from the title of a book I recently read by Stephen Mansfield. In this book he explains the origin and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) as started by Joseph Smith, and the influence it has had on many prominent Americans in our culture. Of course, the reason this is a prevalent topic now is that the future of our country could lie in the hands and mind of a dedicated, practicing Mormon. So knowing what he believes is important for us as citizens and registered voters.

I was offered this book for free from the publisher if I was willing to give a review after reading it, which I gladly accepted. It was as intriguing as it sounds. Your first thought might be that it’s a warning for what is to come if Romney is elected, but in actuality the book is about how Mormonism came to spread so far so quickly from its beginnings in 1830, and its subtle but wide-spread influence in America already.

Stephen Mansfield, author of bestseller “The Faith of George W. Bush”, personally interacted with LDS members to paint an accurate picture of both the beginnings of LDS and the everyday life of modern-day Saints. There was much that I was not aware of within their religion, and found this book to be very informative while not biased.

Although the author (who is a professing Christian) was in no way agreeing with the teachings of Joseph Smith, he was not rude or insulting. Mormons are, as he states, very moral, generous and kind people, noted for their patriotism and high standing in the academic and business world. Prominent Americans such as Glenn Beck, the Marriott family, and a dozen members of Congress all are members of LDS.

So how does this affect America today? I’m of the opinion that America isn’t in any more danger of turning completely Mormon after a Republican victory than it is of turning Muslim with a Democratic re-election. No matter who is in office, America is quickly straying from Biblical principles and will continue to fall headlong unless a major revival is to take place.

What is sad to me is to see a sincere group of people trying so hard to live “good” lives, and even appear to be accomplishing that by most standards. But the sad fact is, they are failing because they are dead wrong. They may be well-meaning and even right on some things, but they still need Jesus. Reading this book really made me want to be a missionary in Salt Lake City!

To sum up, if you’re interested in being familiar with LDS for evangelism sake, or for political reasons, “The Mormonizing of America” is a good place to start. It’s detailed though not boring, and gives a nice, clear overview without the intention of converting you to LDS, which I appreciated.

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