So on the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Jared & I drove from Chicago to Branson, MO and met up with Meleah and the friends she rode up with to attend Vision Forum’s Titanic event. The weekend was full of captivating speakers & historians, lively music, reenactors, and a Dinner Boat ride the night of the sinking to remember the lives lost and the bravery and heroism of the men on board who put women and child above first.

^ One of the many times Doug Phillips spoke. ^

^ Some of the period clothing folks were dressed in. ^

^ The all-children cast of the “Women & Children First” play.^

Third class entertainment. Not as in they were sub-par, but rather they played Irish and folk songs that would have been heard in the 3rd class on the Titanic.

Myself with Emily H, Meleah, and Cameron, friend of Emily

We saw a few other people there besides Vision Forum families…

Before Jared & I got there, the rest of the girls went with Cameron’s parents to the Titanic Museum in town. I’ve been there before and it really is amazing! I won’t go into detail here, but I’ve written a post on my visit before which you can read here.

We did not spend all our time in a conference hall listening to long talks, or perusing through the gift shops and book tables, although we certainly could have! One day during a break, we took a detour down our road because the words “frozen” and “yogurt” appeared on a sign together. It was calling our names!

Then we walked around outside our hotel and goofed off and took pictures. Jared had conveniently slipped away to the room by this time. I’m sure it had nothing to do with him not wanting to spend the afternoon with a bunch of silly girls who were spying and swooning! =)

(And yes, we did some “spying”. ;) I will not name names, but a certain prominent family whose name begins with P and ends with S roomed across the hall from us and spent many late night hours in the hallway; so our peephole came in handy! hehe)

(Note to Emily: I promise not to post a *certain* picture!! :D )

Don’t go away! There’s more to come, in which you’ll see our hats and the homemade dress I wrote about for the Dinner Boat ride!


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