I went off into the wild, blue yonder again. Thankfully I didn’t have an early morning flight, or a long layover, which helped keep my day simple. One stop in ATL, a short, 30 minute delay, and then a skip and a hop to BWI, followed by a 2 hour drive to my ultimate destination, PA.

Unlike any previous airport experiences, this time I actually did some people-watching to kill time. I did have a book with me, but I also noticed mine was the only book I ever saw the whole day! Technology today is amazing.

Anyhow, I got into this counting mode, where anything and everything that caught my attention I kept track of and tallied things in my head. For instance, on my first flight I sat on the very back row, so there were 71 people sitting in front me. On my second flight I was actually sitting on the same row number, but this was a much larger plane, so there were 100 people in front, and probably just as many behind. Oh, and four bathrooms, including separate for men & women! I’ve never been in a plane that had that!

My counting went beyond seat numbers and facilities, however. I saw 8 men in uniform (2 air force, 1 sailor [with his hat, too!], and the rest army); 6 babies on one flight (not including toddlers); 4 boys with Beats; 2 girls from Africa next to me who spoke little English (their chatter was amusing!); and 1 razorback shirt outside of my state!

Oh, and one more tidbit you need to know: Delta does not serve their yummy, incredible, delicious, buttery, amazing Biscoff cookies on flights after 10 am. So stock up on early flights! You’ve been warned!

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