I suppose that dying, heaven, and eternity are not common thoughts for a person in their early 20s, especially in our day. No longer do we have any Reverend Fords bellowing out proclamations such as, “Death comes unexpectedly!!” as the start of their sermons. (See the motion picture “Pollyanna”.)

But for whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven in the past few months. Gone are the days of my childhood when I’d think of death with fear or dread. Now I couldn’t be more excited or anxious to get there! In fact, there are times when I get downright jealous of those who have gone before me.

It’s true that if I died young, my life would be “cut off in my prime”, as they say. But what’s a long life on earth compared to an eternity in heaven?! It’s true that I wouldn’t get to travel to all the beautiful and exotic places around the world as I’d like, but what better destination is there than heaven? And yes I’d be leaving behind loved ones and dear friends, but I would see face to face the dearest Friend who loved me first!


When I think of all this, it seems impossible to shed a tear for anyone who is kneeling at our Savior’s feet right now. It really is humbling to recognize how limited and earthly our perspective of life is.

I’m so grateful that God has granted me an eternal perspective so young. I still may live “to a ripe old age”, but I pray my desire to reach my eternal home never lessens, and that as my mind and eyes grow dim with age, the things of this earth will grow strangely dimmer still in the light of His glory and grace.

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