Continuing our stroll through Chicago……
This is what used to be known as the Sears Tower.

One pretty magnificent building!

Jared did this the whole trip! Snap, click, tweet. Snap, snap, tweet, tweet, tweet!

Feeling on top of the world ’bout now!

Except for that girls’ reflection, this is a pretty cool picture.

On “The Ledge”, where you walk on glass 104 stories high! (Or should I say layers, Susanna?)

Looking over Illinois, or Indiana, or Wisconsin, or Michigan, or one of those states (depending on which direction you’re looking out).

Taking the L to our next stop. We did a lot of walking (a LOT), but we also got our fair share of riding.

While on the way to the History Museum (to see Michael Jordan’s jersey), we saw this directly across the street: The D. L. Moody Chapel! (Our hotel was only about a block from Moody Bible Institute, by the way.)

Inside the museum to see the jersey that wasn’t there! We searched and searched and asked about it, and finally one knowledgeable employee told us it was taken out. Why?? Very disappointing for Jared. But at least we saw Pippen’s jersey, the UCA graduate.

Then we jumped on a train and came out right at Wrigley Field (on purpose, of course).

It was game time, and Cubs fans flooded the streets. (Don’t let the Brewers flag confuse you. That’s just who they were playing that day.) Even in the middle of “enemy territory”, we saw a man in a Razorback sweatshirt! We yelled WPS to him, but he was busy taking a picture with somebody and didn’t hear us.

We walked around the historic stadium and headed to the ticket booth to see if we could get a cheap ticket high up in the back. We didn’t care how far up we sat, as long as we could get in without breaking the bank.

Then what happened next I might call a miracle, or at least a huge blessing. As we were standing in line, I heard a lady next to us offer a gentleman some tickets. I didn’t hear any money discussed, and I got the feeling she was giving them away, but surely not! I went out on a limb and asked her if she had tickets available (still thinking she was selling them). She had 4 total, but was using one for herself.

So now she coupled two tickets like she was saving them for us, and told the man he could have her one ticket left if he wanted it, which he took. She turns to us and I ask how much they were. “I’m giving them to you. You can have them for free.” I looked at the ticket price: $85.00! No way! I kept asking and checking, not really believing that someone in a large crowd of baseball fans all scrambling for tickets would actually just give away hers for nothing! Skeptical me began to wonder if these tickets were really legit!

She must have noticed my disbelief, cause she told us to come in with her if we wanted, cause her ticket would be right next to ours anyway. Sure enough, we strolled right in (after security check, of course) and found ourselves inside Wrigley Field! Jared and I looked at each other like little kids in a candy shop! I’m sure the lady was amused. (She was probably wondering what two “little kids” were doing wandering around Chicago, anyhow!) But then it got even better!

As we alighted the stairs, leaving the crowded concessions behind us, I felt like I was watching a movie instead of walking into reality. What suddenly came into view was a beautiful green lawn and players warming up only feet from us! We were kinda in shock when she showed us our seats. We couldn’t believe how close we were! It was like being at a minor league game back home instead of an MLB game in Chicago! This was the view from our seats:

I think we were maybe on the 10th row? Can’t beat that! We were expecting to be those little ants way up there in the rafters!

I don’t think it mattered that we thanked the lady profusely 100 times at least. I’m pretty sure our faces said it all.

I think these off-site seats are amusing. Buildings across the street have stands set up on the roof and they sell tickets for seats nearly as good as in the stadium!

Just as the game was starting, the lady turned to us and said as an afterthought, “You aren’t Brewers fans, are you?” She was relieved to know we wouldn’t be cheering against her the whole game. But then Jared flipped back his hood and I proudly showed her my hoodie and told her no, we’re not Brewers fans, we’re Cardinal fans, and very brave ones at that. In fact, I wore my World Series champs hoodie everywhere we went in Chicago at the risk of getting mugged! =)

I found it rather humorous that the Cardinals flag was flying highest in Wrigley Field. Yay World Champs!

The red bird in a sea of blue. (Lady to his left is our kind benefactor!)

Once the afternoon game was over, we were ready for something to eat. What better place to eat in Chicago than Chick-fil-a?

A free meal tastes just as good in Chicago as at home. In fact, this one was better, because we hadn’t eaten much since breakfast that morning in the hotel! And turns out we would need this refresher in preparation for what happened later that evening.

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