In April, Jared & I went up to Chicago for his 18th birthday/graduation trip. The real purpose of the trip was to see the Chicago Bulls play the Miami Heat (NBA), but we were able to squeeze in a whole bunch of sight-seeing!

Our first night after arriving and checking into our hotel, we walked to the closest Giordano’s and ordered the deep dish pizza pie! I knew from my trip here two years ago with Mama & Linda Beth that their pizza is amazing, and Jared is a huge pizza fan, so this was definitely the place to go! And he was not disappointed:

Yep, this is it. (Look at Joe’s grin!) Makes my mouth water just looking at it…

First stop next morning, Shedd Acquarium. This was outside looking back along the shoreline. It was cold and windy there. (No kidding!) In fact, the night before when we walked our few blocks for pizza, there were locals in winter coats and scarves! I know we were pretty far north, but it was mid April, for crying out loud! Needless to say, we were not well clad. We wore our hoodies ALL the time. =)

Inside the aquarium…with eels, and sting rays, and lots of other creepy creatures (and some cute ones, too).

I loved watching the dolphins!

The Sea Lion was amazingly, shockingly, enormously huge!! You can’t beat seeing it in person.

And yes folks, that is a shark!

And another one creeping up behind Jared.

I got so tickled at this turtle! He looked like his head was stuck in the rock, because he just stayed in this position forever! It was so funny.

I would not want to be in the same tank with that big ray!


They had a special jelly fish exhibit which was fascinating. I had no idea how many different types of jelly fish there were!

These were called egg yolk jelly fish. =)

This post was more about fish than Chicago! But this is only part 1 of ?? on Chicago, so don’t worry, there’s more to come!

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