I have a lull in my busy schedule for a couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll get some more posts written to be posted regularly around here again! A lot of times I do my thinking at night while lying in bed, but lately I’ve been too tired to think!

But so that this won’t be a complete dud of a post, here’s a few things from the recent weeks that I’m thankful for:

~RAIN! The first day we finally had rain after our long dry spell, I heard thunder and literally stopped in my tracks and thought, What is that? It was such a glorious down pour that I sat gazing out my open window for a good 10 minutes (don’t you just love the smell of rain?) and some of the family took a walk in it! It’s amazing how everything seems to turn green after a rain; and that’s saying something considering that this drought coupled with triple digit temperatures turned the grass into something brown and crunchy!

~Friends. I’ve had some good times with both old and new friends recently, during projects, or long talks, or plain silliness! I really appreciate you friends more than you know!

~Rest. I suppose the more I assume the role of an adult, the less I take for granted rest! Having some peaceful downtime is rare but wonderful now, and actually getting a good night’s sleep is definitely a direct blessing from heaven!

~Family. I’ve heard it said that you don’t realize how much you miss something or someone until you don’t have it/them. So true! I haven’t “lost” my family, but I assure you they’re sometimes hard to find! =)

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