Yes folks, I actually, finally have a Facebook. Right now you’re either in total shock, congratulating me and awaiting a friend request, or completely indifferent.

The reason I finally caved (as one friend put it) was because I kept thinking of my long-distant friends and relatives that would be so much easier to keep in touch with if I had FB, since everybody has one, right? And that’s what FB is for anyhow, right?

So, from what I understand, I now have the privilege and right to stalk people, poke people, leave pointless comments, and incessantly click that over-used 21st century word for, like, everything! So I, like, finally have a life!

Obviously I’m totally kidding here. Actually, I figured that I’ve been snooping around on Mama’s page long enough, so now I’m legit.

But even though I was joking just now, I do want something even as simple as opening a FB account to be purposeful and harnessed, and not turn into a time-eating machine. I’ve seen others do it, and I know myself all too well, so I want to be careful that I don’t waste time looking from picture to album, friend to friend of friend, game to questionnaire, and the other million things that suck up your time when you’re not watching.

So I’m starting out on this little adventure and see how well I do.

I actually wrote all of the above a week after setting up my account. Now a month later, I heard a message by Leslie Ludy talking about the pitfalls of Facebook (and other internet/social time wasters) and considered deleting my account before I really “got started”. In the end, I decided to keep it for now and see if I can use it with my original intent, and use it as a discipline in my life. Feel free to keep my accountable! =)

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