Last week, Micah was in a baseball collision at first base and came up with the ball in his glove, but a broken arm in his glove. Ouch! It was, what, just a month ago (?) that he was in surgery to have his appendix removed, and now he’s on the injured list, again!

(Sorry to all you Thunder fans. This guy likes the Heat!)

We are blessed with an orthopedic surgeon for a neighbor who was able to put it in a splint that night, and then see him in his office the next morning to tell him the great news that it didn’t require surgery or even setting the bone! So 4 or 5 more weeks in this sling without baseball, basketball, swimming or general horsing-around and he’s good to go! (ha!)

But Micah’s been a real trooper and handling it very maturely. He even mowed the front lawn when the guys were shootin’ hoops! Now that’s a good sport!

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