In the style of my friend Susanna over at Confessions of My Life, I have a few things I’d like to say from my recent observations. But unlike confessions, these are more like declarations, or perhaps suggestions. I suppose that means I’m not as humble as my fellow Sister. She can rebuke me in charity and I’ll serve penitence for this offense later. =)

–You really don’t have to scream at your child to make him listen. (Then again maybe you do.)

–You really don’t have to brush your teeth for a solid 20 minutes. (But I guess you can.)

–You really don’t have to go 10 under the limit just because 4 cops are sitting there. (But why take the risk?)

–You really don’t have to ride in a recliner in a trailer pulled by a riding mower down the road to have fun. (But I suppose it would be!)

–You really don’t have to wear blinders if you’re not a horse. (I realize that won’t make sense to most of you. That’s ok, it’s a long story…)

–You really don’t have to literally break a bone when wished good luck. (But unfortunately it sometimes happens.)

–You really don’t have to use the word “antediluvian” in your sermon to be a good preacher. (But I guess it does sound impressive.)

–You really don’t have to tell your teacher you didn’t practice. (She already knows.)

Oh, and you really don’t have to take my advice. (Most people don’t.)


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