Before this month slips by, I want to think of all the great things about May, as I did for April. I kind of liked the idea, and it puts me in a grateful spirit.

  • It is the birthday month of our youngest, MeKency
  • BLUEBERRIES are ripe!!!
  • There’s always a recital, graduation, or wedding to attend, and this year was no exception
  • You finally get to jump in the water for a swim
  • There’s plenty of summer sunshine and you’re not sick of it yet
  • Hydrangeas are usually blooming (one of my favorites!)
  • Baseball is in season (oh wait, I did that for April…)
  • Mothers have a day to be acknowledged and thanked
  • Our fallen soldiers are recognized and honored
  • School is out!
  • It’s the same name as my friend’s last name! Woot!
  • The first of summer harvest is appearing
  • You can step outside and smell a grill on any given weekend, but especially the last

What are some of your favorite things about the month of May?

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