And ketchup. My family tells me it’s time for me to do just that. Here goes.

Six weeks ago was Nationals in Springfield, MO, from which I did at least already post basketball pictures. During that week (the latter half of which I joined the family by catching a ride up with Susanna’s family), the girls, Mama and I went to the Bass Pro Shop for some indoor outdoor fun. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but if you’ve been to one you know that you’re really outside when you’re inside. =) The boys stayed behind at the hotel to watch NCAA playoffs with their friends. Their loss, our girl-time gain!

We would’ve had a great time if the girls hadn’t butt heads!

Never could figure out if this fella was alive or stuffed. They have both in this place…

This looks like a staged shot.

She’s good fish imitator!

This aquarium had some big ole fishies!

Ahh, this brought back such wonderful memories! The girls didn’t remember ever coming here, but I suppose they would’ve been pretty young the last time we made it to Bass Pro. Anyhow, us kids used to all line up and take turns with the 25 shots a quarter or 2 would give you, and we always went after the rattle snake, cause if you hit the target, it would wag its tail and sing “shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake….shake your…” uh-huh. ;) Then we’d all giggle and shake again–I mean shoot again.

Some reason the girls were amazed with my accuracy. (??) I did discover that I’ll never be a good marksman (or markswoman), because my left eye is better than my right eye, but I can’t shoot left handed. Man, there went my plans for a military career!

See, this place is huge!

There is a person in this picture. (Yes, we really did play hide ‘n seek in the camo clothes. Immature of us, I know. But at least no one could see us!)

The infamous bear!

Another waterfall. Unfortunately the room underneath the pond with the big glass wall was closed off for a private party, so no underwater views this time.

How would you like to come around the corner and see THIS guy staring at you?? They used to also have a huge elephant and giraffe (I suppose elephants and giraffes are always huge), but they must’ve escaped in the remodeling process.

But these guys didn’t get away.

Another waterfall.

We pitched in together and bought one square of delicious chocolate and peanut butter fudge. Ahhhhhh……. We. Savored. Every. Bite.

Lauvly, dahling!

“We’ve got elegance!”

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