Actually, basketball season is over, which is why it is high time I post pictures from Nationals (and postpone my trip pictures).

Jared is #11 in navy jersey. He made the All-Region team, and they are out on the court getting ready to warm up.

Just before a Flames senior varsity game.

That’s Micah shooting, #23. And below is Jared shooting a free throw. Don’t remember if either won made those particular shots, but they played well and won.

This picture cracks me up! This little guy, JoJo, is the team’s shadow, mini coach, biggest fan and high-five giver, etc etc! He was also buddies with our Joe, and I loved watching them at a younger Flames teams’ game talking and cheering together and doing special hand moves when we scored. Too cute!

Last team picture  after the last game (which they won). (There’s JoJo again!)

The coach recognizing the seniors, including Jared, and mama for her years of doing team stats.

Last team huddle! (No tears!)

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