Our pastor preached on Sunday from Col. 2 & 3 about vain traditions, particularly Sunday do’s (though that was not the full extent of his sermon). I suppose there’s not a more vain tradition than getting gussied up. That’s not to say (as he pointed out) that it’s wrong to dress up or, say, get new Easter clothes.

Or take Easter pictures. A vain tradition I’m sure our boys would rather do without. Nevertheless, take Easter pictures we did!

(Oh my goodness–did I just invert that sentence? Ugh. Must be because another play-Star-Wars-constantly mania has begun around me…only this time while shooting a laser gun with sound effects to the beat of Williams’ fanfare! Whoohoo…. Ok, enough of the bunny trail. Haha, bunny. Ahem, sorry.)

It turned out to be a lovely Easter Sunday, though a bit overcast. After a great church service, Linda Beth & Aaron came for Easter dinner, and we all spent the afternoon with our grandma, aunt, uncles and cousins, and the guests of honor–dessert. =)

It’s amazing how complicated a seemingly simple photo can be. And we don’t even have any littles to run around and scream!

As is typical, the candid camera is always funnier! Our crew makes some crazy faces!

You made me change back into my Sunday clothes for this?

You caught that on camera?

Unashamed to be candid.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!
It’s the superhero whose motion picture is only worth watching because
it includes the music of John Williams!  I say bring back the ole’ comic strips, because the movie doesn’t do it justice! And that’s the truth. (And should be the American way.)
And I can say that because the fella in this picture is a batman fan.

Don’t drop me, hehe!                                           You’re choking me, dear. Eh heh…

So, the reason for that picture is because of this one: (Take a look and you’ll notice something funny…hilarious!)

Ok, the sheepish grin gave it away. “The story goes” that Aaron and Jared wore matching shirts, though they didn’t plan it. Ethan also has the same shirt, so decided to match for the picture, since he had already changed and had to put a nice shirt back on anyhow. And not to be left out, Micah changed, too! So then it was suggested by Aaron’s wife that he wear a tie like the boys. (Someone must have missed the sermon…you know, about ties… [sorry non-CVBC readers!] ) The only coordinating one was this wee thing that I don’t even know how still resides in a home with three giant boys?? The other pictures covers it up, but we certainly had a few laughs! I’m probably not even supposed to be showing this to the public…

Alright, here’s the good shots. =)

We even conjured up special effects via smoke machine! (i.e. daddy was grilling)

While reviewing and editing this post, I just realized something: how in the world did I manage to mention John Williams twice in a post about Easter Sunday??

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