…two girls came down South to play.

Their visit has been long since past,
But ne’er been recorded, for time passes fast.

I told the tale of their indoctrination,
And slow but steady comprehension

Of our southern ways and southern charm;
They picked up fast, those from the dairy farm.

But one last thing I did neglect:
They went downtown, our Capitol to inspect.

So here’s a few snapshots to tell of their day.
(I’m sure it was better than cleaning out hay.

{Not straw. Hay.})

The Peabody Hotel

The Old State House

The State Capital Rotunda


Doing some shopping in town.


Sending them off at the airport. (For the second time. =) )

2 thoughts on “Long ago & far away…

    1. You mean you never have to clean up after their supper? ;) But it rhymes so much better than straw! Must be why it was used in that Christmas carol. ;)
      Ok, I’m not going to get out of that one… Let’s just say it’s a good thing your cows don’t depend on me to feed them! haha!

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