I’m going to backtrack a little and try to catch up. Now that it’s almost December 11, I’m getting around to telling you what we did on November 11.

(We got to see 11:11 on 11-11-11 twice!)

Some of you may know that my childhood plan was to get married on 11-11-11. I would be 21, it was a Friday, and my favorite number is 11, so in my 11-year-old opinion, it was the perfect date for a wedding.

Obviously I did not get married on 11-11-11. =) And thankfully, I didn’t even want to. I gave up that particular date long ago because I decided I don’t want a birthday and anniversary in the same month (kinda selfish, I know). But for years it was the family joke. On my 21st birthday my brothers gave me the 12 month count-down, with several reminders throughout the year that it was my “last chance!”

So I decided to make something of it. Coupled with Susanna’s idea to forget marriage altogether, I planned on making 11-11-11 my own reception of sorts–the day we’d become Baptist Nuns. And we did!

So what is a Baptist Nun? Um, basically someone whose theology is correct but who still wants to live a devoted, single life….at least until further notice. Oh, and it doesn’t include liturgical prayers, vows of silence (are you kidding??) or penitence. Just solid faith, superfluous fellowship, and lots of laughter.

So basically we made up our own rules, and even ways to get out of them. (You know father’s can cancel out their daughters’ vows, so we weren’t being rash or anything.) Susanna even wrote up a Baptist Nun Confession of Faith, and a Sister’s Creed that we each signed.


Well, all but Fräulein Maria, of course. We knew she’d never make it as a nun, so we left her out. She pretended to be one of the sisters for the day, but she didn’t sign the creed.

(We decided this looks like we’re singing “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”)

We tried to be serious and sincere…

…but it didn’t work! That’s why we’re Baptist Nuns!
(And how can you when your “praying Sister” looks like she’s about to dive into a pool?)

If anyone was at (Col.) “Glenn Abbey” that day, they might have seen some nuns wandering through the woods. We took our picnic lunch and mandolin for our official Eleven Ceremony.

As we predicted, she cracked.

“I have sinned, Reverend Mother. Please let me go.”

There is someone out there waiting for her, so she was off!

But we graciously forgave her and in charity invited her to stay for the cake cutting.

The hills are alive…

And this is where the rubber meets the road:

To get to our car, we either had to be real nuns, or complete idiots.

We were a little of both. =) But we raced across the road and made it back to safety!

Can you spot two black robes in the ditch seeking refuge in a white car?

Oh, and there’s one more major difference in being a Baptist Nun verses a regular nun: we do NOT believe in Midnight Mass! Instead, we have midnight mocha.

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