I seem to be on an 1860s roll. And it better get rollin’ fast cause I’m way behind on posting pictures!

The first weekend of this month, Linda Beth & I drove to Susanna’s to volunteer at nearby Old Washington State Park for their Civil War Weekend. We’ve done this several years before and LOVE it! (I’ve posted pictures from years past before.) We dress up in period costumes, and play folk music for the visitors who come to tour the historic homes.

This year, Susanna got a mandolin, so she joined LB on banjo and me on fiddle! Her brother Luke has played guitar with us before, but he wasn’t home this year.

The battle re-enactment. The South won. =)

After a full day of walking from one place to another to play, we had a supper break at The Park Wife’s home, then headed back for the annual Civil War Ball!

This is about what it looks like when you’re spinning and twirling all evening.

Ha! Not! Actually, Susanna was kindly taking pictures for me of the Grand March, but I forgot and didn’t put my camera back on Auto, and she didn’t notice, so none of her pictures came out. So this is not a representation of her photography skills, but of my forgetfulness.

Alright, here’s what it looks like at an old-fashioned ball! I think this was the Circle Waltz. Most of the dances are in a circle like this one or in lines like the Virginia Reel.  (The man in the middle is not the monkey; he’s the caller, or the instructor.)

There’s Susanna in her lovely snood! =) (a/k/a hair net. She was SO excited about having–I mean getting–to wear that!)

Hot and tired and takin’ a break!

Group picture in front of the musicians/vocalists.
The other two ladies (Dana in the dark blue and Sarah in the royal blue) are from Hope and also volunteered. We met Dana that day, but we’ve known Sarah a while from Susanna’s church.

It was another FUN weekend and I can’t wait for next year!

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