Hello world! Are you still there? I’m not gone, believe it or not, though my week has been a whirlwind.

Here are some pictures from the Arkansas Historical Museum exhibit that we visited about a month ago.

I thought “Reel to Real” was a clever, catchy name.
I’m sure you can imagine why we’d be interested in an exhibit like this.

We saw costumes worn by Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland, Clark Gable, and others!

Leigh’s sun bonnet

Gables’ long-legged pants!

Sketches from the costume designer.
These made me think of my dress designer/artist friend, Lauren!

The director’s typewriter that was used to “print” the original script

This was a framed sheet of music from the original score. I can just hear the soaring melody of Tara’s theme!

Now for the “real” part of the exhibit.

This was an Arkansas Infantry’s coat

A lil piece of history for ya.

In another part of the museum was a dress-up corner. Don’t ya love the makeshift shawls? =)

Riding the trolley across the Arkansas River to end the fun afternoon.

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