Two sisters. Two Southern Belle t-shirts. Lots of funny memories.

We had a time setting up my camera on timer and then actually getting a few decent shots! haha! The point of course was to get our shirts since we were both wearing them. Love it!

Don’t remember what cracked us up this time, but no tellin’! It could’ve been a number of things! =) Havin’ a great time with my sista and favorite bro-in-law!

4 thoughts on “Southern Belles

  1. As if we could possibly pull off a cookbook in 3 weeks! You have high expectations from us! lol

    Oh, and as a side note, I’d like to make a general announcement: everybody reading this needs to be sure and scroll over Andrea’s highlighted name to see what her “blog address” (fictitiously) is to fully know and appreciate what a hilarious pastor’s wife I have! :D

  2. So, I need to order one of those cookbooks – how do I do that? My friend Katherine was wearing her Southern Belle shirt just today. =) I need to get me one of those! Looks like a fabulous trip…jealous!

    1. Well, you can’t do that til it’s actually written. =) Have no idea the time frame we’re looking at, but when the time comes you will definitely know!

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